B.Duck little yellow duck and love walk together for public welfare

November 19, 2022

B.Duck little yellow duck

There is no winter that will not pass, and there is no dream that is not worthy of care. This is the belief embraced by all public welfare people. With the progress of the times, more and more people have joined the public welfare team. They are interpreting the variety and variety of the world for rural children, trying to open a window for children to understand the world, and plant in their hearts about A single spark of dreams, and looking forward to one day this spark can also start a prairie fire, and a small dream can also become a towering tree. China’s original IP brand B.Duck is also constantly advancing on the road of public welfare. It coincides with the birthday of duck sister Buffy in March. It joins hands with Shenzhen Charity Association and Shenzhen Yushui Charity Foundation to “kick her out “FutureGirls Football Public Welfare Project.

B.Duck little yellow duck

In the character setting of the B.Duck little yellow duck family, Buffy is the younger sister of B.Duck little yellow duck and the only daughter in the family. She grew up surrounded by thousands of loves from her brothers since she was a child. Duck sister Buffy has a unique aesthetic concept, is confident, cheerful, and likes to explore new things. As the elder brother, B.Duck is very protective of the younger sister in this big family. If Buffy encounters any trouble, B.Duck will always rush out to protect Buffy first.

March coincides with Buffy’s birthday and International Women’s Day. B.Duck joined hands with good friends to hold a meaningful and joyful birthday party for Buffy. In everyone’s eyes, the duck sister Buffy represents the unique personality and charm of girls in this era. This birthday party will use “her” to initiate a fun topic. The word “she” is composed of “female” and “also”. Therefore, B.Duck launched the interactive topic “Girls can also YA” on the official social media, and on the very meaningful “3.8” International Women’s Day Invite more girls to interact and share in the days. Let more people see the infinite possibilities of girls. They have excellent performances in various fields. They represent the different powers of women in this era and demonstrate their unique Girl Power.

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