New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck’s little friends

The duck sister, Buffy, has the same classic yellow color and the same cute shape, but she has made breakthroughs and changes in the details, adding girly elements. The little flowers on Buffy’s head and the long eyelashes on her eyes fully displayed the image of a shy “little girl”. Sister Buffy is a Libra girl. She likes all beautiful things and has her own unique aesthetics. She is confident, a little narcissistic, and loves Selfie. She is full of desire to explore new things. Her dream is to have the most little girls in the world. Hairpin, also likes to hold the little puppet anytime and anywhere. As the only daughter in the family, she is loved by all her brothers. Every time Buffy got into trouble, it was B.Duck who helped her clean up. Of course, the two would quarrel occasionally, but they were still full of warmth. Her character setting is exactly the ideal state of life that female friends in the current fast-paced era yearn for.

Beside B.Duck, there are brothers who love each other, and each brother has a different personality. Jack, a Leo, is mischievous and likes to make trouble. He always makes little trouble for the family. He is dressed in black, which shows his bold, adventurous and self-disciplined characteristics. And Rice of Pisces is obedient, quiet, and introverted, just the complete opposite of Jack, with a polite and taciturn personality. There is also the smallest member of the family, the timid Egg, who more vividly uses a cracked egg to interpret his character design characteristics, giving the characters more fun.

Each image of the B.Duck family is very vivid, vividly depicting the life of a warm and lovely big family. Adhering to the design theme of “simple but not simple”, the shape of the ducks highlights the quality from the details. On the one hand, bid farewell to the dazzling complexity and cumbersome additions, and pursue the ingenuity of a few lines to outline the lifelike craftsmanship. On the other hand, through image stories, interpret emotional sustenance, pass more positive energy to everyone, and endow original IP with “warm” power!

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