New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck takes on the mission of “going out”

As one of the most popular original IPs in China, B.Duck shoulders the mission of “going out” and travels across the ocean, aiming to let the world feel the charm and vitality of China’s high-quality original IP.

2018 Landing in Namsan Park, Seoul, South Korea

In the summer of 2018, B.Duck brought his duck sister Buffy to Namsan Park, a famous tourist attraction in Seoul, South Korea. Two little yellow ducks sat on the bench under the Seoul Tower, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Namsan with the citizens of Seoul. A 2-meter-high B.Duck little yellow duck doll and the world’s first B.Duck little yellow duck love lock were set up at the scene network. In Seoul, where the whole city exudes a romantic atmosphere, B.Duck little yellow duck and duck sister Buffy witnessed the sweet love between Oppa and Ernie.

2018 Chile Balloon Parade

B.Duck made its debut on the streets of Chile and participated in ParisParade 2018 held in Santiago, Chile. ParisParade is a well-known event in the local area. B.Duck paraded with other cartoon characters, bringing happiness and fun to Chilean people. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time for a Chinese original IP brand to participate in this grand event, and the influence of B.Duck is remarkable.

2019 B.Duck MK Mexico Photography Exhibition

B.Duck, who loves to travel and love the outdoors by nature, exhibits a series of beautiful travel photos of B.Duck when he traveled to Mexico in the Mumedi Museum of Art in Mexico City. Through the lens of the photographer, he shared B.Duck’s wonderful journey in Mexico with local fans, and his friendly and pleasant image successfully attracted a wave of overseas fans.

2020 Philippine Balloon Parade

On January 1, 2020, the “SM MOA Grand Mascot Parade 2020” held by SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines was grandly held. B.Duck and more than 400 internationally renowned cartoon characters from all over the world celebrated with local citizens new year.

Today, B.Duck’s overseas business has expanded to more than 10 countries and regions around the world, with more than 18 million fans worldwide. From home decoration to daily necessities, from beauty and clothing to 3C products, from online games to offline scenes, this little yellow duck with a strong ability to absorb money has shown strong potential to go overseas, not only for simple business expansion, It also exported China’s original design and trend culture overseas, becoming the first Chinese original IP that truly went international.

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