New trend brand B.Duck

Come and see the cute little yellow duck B.Duck!

In the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022, Shenzhen Happy Harbor joins hands with the trendy IP B.Duck Little Yellow Duck to create the “Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival“. As the first themed IP carnival of Shenzhen Happy Harbor – “B.Duck Dream-making Amusement Factory”, it has With over ten million fans, B.Duck, the little yellow duck, together with big friends and children, embarked on a journey to the ferris wheel carnival with full marks of cuteness, bringing you a multi-dimensional, immersive and all-round play themed space.

As a phenomenon-level trendy and cute IP B.Duck, its cute and cute image is highly recognizable. It not only has a high popularity in China, but also has many fans in more than 10 countries and regions overseas. Home furnishing, clothing, trendy play, celebrities, public welfare, games, catering, cultural and creative fields and many other fields. The Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival “B.Duck Dream-making Amusement Factory” breaks through the dimension, crosses the amusement industry, and uses the innovative model of “theme IP + cultural tourism leisure + entertainment life” to bring great visual tension and immersive scenes. A new experience of multi-faceted urban leisure and entertainment.

Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival “B.Duck Dreaming Amusement Factory” is the first themed IP carnival of Happy Harbor, integrating the lively and lovely popular IP B.Duck little yellow duck into the urban landmarks of Happy Harbor bay area through the new amusement equipment of Golden Horse Amusement , to start a journey of amusement carnival that creates imagination and dreams. Through the “Light of the Bay Area” ferris wheel city landmark, Happy Harbor has teamed up with IP B.Duck to upgrade the functional model of cultural tourism experience with Golden Horse amusement equipment as the carrier, strengthen the emotional resonance of the theme IP, and enhance the brand value image.

In the future, it is expected that Happy Harbor will bring a variety of new development models for cultural and tourism operations, and give full play to its advantages of multiple integrated formats such as coastal parks, urban landmark Ferris wheel, commercial experience, cultural and artistic experience, etc., to meet the growing consumption needs of citizens and yearn for a better life , Shaping a new model of happy life. Inject diverse vitality and creativity into the international coastal city in the Bay Area, and create a model of international urban park complex.

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