New trend brand B.Duck

Come and see the cute little yellow duck B.Duck!

In the Mid-Autumn Festival in 2022, Shenzhen Happy Harbor joins hands with the trendy IP B.Duck Little Yellow Duck to create the “Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival“. As the first themed IP carnival of Shenzhen Happy Harbor – “B.Duck Dream-making Amusement Factory”, it has With over ten million fans, B.Duck, the little yellow duck, together with big friends and children, embarked on a journey to the ferris wheel carnival with full marks of cuteness, bringing you a multi-dimensional, immersive and all-round play themed space.

As a phenomenon-level trendy and cute IP B.Duck, its cute and cute image is highly recognizable. It not only has a high popularity in China, but also has many fans in more than 10 countries and regions overseas. Home furnishing, clothing, trendy play, celebrities, public welfare, games, catering, cultural and creative fields and many other fields. The Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival “B.Duck Dream-making Amusement Factory” breaks through the dimension, crosses the amusement industry, and uses the innovative model of “theme IP + cultural tourism leisure + entertainment life” to bring great visual tension and immersive scenes. A new experience of multi-faceted urban leisure and entertainment.

Happy Harbor Ferris Wheel Carnival “B.Duck Dreaming Amusement Factory” is the first themed IP carnival of Happy Harbor, integrating the lively and lovely popular IP B.Duck little yellow duck into the urban landmarks of Happy Harbor bay area through the new amusement equipment of Golden Horse Amusement , to start a journey of amusement carnival that creates imagination and dreams. Through the “Light of the Bay Area” ferris wheel city landmark, Happy Harbor has teamed up with IP B.Duck to upgrade the functional model of cultural tourism experience with Golden Horse amusement equipment as the carrier, strengthen the emotional resonance of the theme IP, and enhance the brand value image.

In the future, it is expected that Happy Harbor will bring a variety of new development models for cultural and tourism operations, and give full play to its advantages of multiple integrated formats such as coastal parks, urban landmark Ferris wheel, commercial experience, cultural and artistic experience, etc., to meet the growing consumption needs of citizens and yearn for a better life , Shaping a new model of happy life. Inject diverse vitality and creativity into the international coastal city in the Bay Area, and create a model of international urban park complex.

New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck takes on the mission of “going out”

As one of the most popular original IPs in China, B.Duck shoulders the mission of “going out” and travels across the ocean, aiming to let the world feel the charm and vitality of China’s high-quality original IP.

2018 Landing in Namsan Park, Seoul, South Korea

In the summer of 2018, B.Duck brought his duck sister Buffy to Namsan Park, a famous tourist attraction in Seoul, South Korea. Two little yellow ducks sat on the bench under the Seoul Tower, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Namsan with the citizens of Seoul. A 2-meter-high B.Duck little yellow duck doll and the world’s first B.Duck little yellow duck love lock were set up at the scene network. In Seoul, where the whole city exudes a romantic atmosphere, B.Duck little yellow duck and duck sister Buffy witnessed the sweet love between Oppa and Ernie.

2018 Chile Balloon Parade

B.Duck made its debut on the streets of Chile and participated in ParisParade 2018 held in Santiago, Chile. ParisParade is a well-known event in the local area. B.Duck paraded with other cartoon characters, bringing happiness and fun to Chilean people. It is worth mentioning that this is also the first time for a Chinese original IP brand to participate in this grand event, and the influence of B.Duck is remarkable.

2019 B.Duck MK Mexico Photography Exhibition

B.Duck, who loves to travel and love the outdoors by nature, exhibits a series of beautiful travel photos of B.Duck when he traveled to Mexico in the Mumedi Museum of Art in Mexico City. Through the lens of the photographer, he shared B.Duck’s wonderful journey in Mexico with local fans, and his friendly and pleasant image successfully attracted a wave of overseas fans.

2020 Philippine Balloon Parade

On January 1, 2020, the “SM MOA Grand Mascot Parade 2020” held by SM Mall of Asia in the Philippines was grandly held. B.Duck and more than 400 internationally renowned cartoon characters from all over the world celebrated with local citizens new year.

Today, B.Duck’s overseas business has expanded to more than 10 countries and regions around the world, with more than 18 million fans worldwide. From home decoration to daily necessities, from beauty and clothing to 3C products, from online games to offline scenes, this little yellow duck with a strong ability to absorb money has shown strong potential to go overseas, not only for simple business expansion, It also exported China’s original design and trend culture overseas, becoming the first Chinese original IP that truly went international.

New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck’s little friends

The duck sister, Buffy, has the same classic yellow color and the same cute shape, but she has made breakthroughs and changes in the details, adding girly elements. The little flowers on Buffy’s head and the long eyelashes on her eyes fully displayed the image of a shy “little girl”. Sister Buffy is a Libra girl. She likes all beautiful things and has her own unique aesthetics. She is confident, a little narcissistic, and loves Selfie. She is full of desire to explore new things. Her dream is to have the most little girls in the world. Hairpin, also likes to hold the little puppet anytime and anywhere. As the only daughter in the family, she is loved by all her brothers. Every time Buffy got into trouble, it was B.Duck who helped her clean up. Of course, the two would quarrel occasionally, but they were still full of warmth. Her character setting is exactly the ideal state of life that female friends in the current fast-paced era yearn for.

Beside B.Duck, there are brothers who love each other, and each brother has a different personality. Jack, a Leo, is mischievous and likes to make trouble. He always makes little trouble for the family. He is dressed in black, which shows his bold, adventurous and self-disciplined characteristics. And Rice of Pisces is obedient, quiet, and introverted, just the complete opposite of Jack, with a polite and taciturn personality. There is also the smallest member of the family, the timid Egg, who more vividly uses a cracked egg to interpret his character design characteristics, giving the characters more fun.

Each image of the B.Duck family is very vivid, vividly depicting the life of a warm and lovely big family. Adhering to the design theme of “simple but not simple”, the shape of the ducks highlights the quality from the details. On the one hand, bid farewell to the dazzling complexity and cumbersome additions, and pursue the ingenuity of a few lines to outline the lifelike craftsmanship. On the other hand, through image stories, interpret emotional sustenance, pass more positive energy to everyone, and endow original IP with “warm” power!

New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck Little Yellow Duck has a multi-field layout, and “blooms” to create China’s first IP

B.Duck little yellow duck

A new generation of young consumers leads new consumption trends, and the domestic IP market is rapidly rising. With its excellent creative design and operational capabilities, China’s original trendy brand IP B.Duck has become a powerful fan and has attracted gold. In April this year, Deying Holdings, the parent company of B.Duck, released its 2021 annual report. Deying’s revenue in 2021 was HK$290 million (approximately RMB 236.5 million), and B.Duck became a domestic IP role authorization. The largest Chinese original IP in the market.

In 2005, the son of Hong Kong designer Xu Xialin was born. In order to welcome the arrival of a new life, he created the image of B.Duck to accompany the children growing up, inspired by the news event of “the freighter overturned the sea and 29,000 little yellow ducks drifted around the world”. Bright eyes, fleshy lips, round belly and iconic slightly warped hair tips, the B.Duck little yellow duck is flexible and changeable, and its IP is extremely malleable. “Duck Dad” Xu Xialin led his design team to use it well The creativity of this little yellow duck deeply implants the image of this little yellow duck into the daily life of consumers. The products include more than 20 categories such as digital, electronic accessories, infants, travel, bags, stationery, etc., and a variety of products and scenes penetrate Let the B.Duck little yellow duck release its infinite charm, quickly become popular among young consumer groups, and swept the country. It not only gained a large number of loyal fans with high stickiness, but also showed huge commercial value, becoming a well-deserved “leading duck in the domestic IP market”. “.

B.Duck little yellow duck

Chasing fashion trends and actively embracing young people is the magic weapon for B.Duck’s continuous success in breaking the circle. As early as 2012, B.Duck launched its own clothing line, attacked the fashion field, and achieved good sales results. In 2021, the first multicultural fashion brand, BDUCK PLUS, will be hatched, breaking stereotypes and stereotypes. The avant-garde design language of “de-gendering” makes B.Duck shine in the fashion industry. Through in-depth cross-border licensing business cooperation with TOP-level enterprises in different fields, and constantly stimulating IP vitality in innovation, B.Duck has always maintained the same frequency with young people. In May 2020, B.Duck entered the game field and achieved a dual-IP cross-border alliance with the national competitive mobile game “Peace Elite”. Related topics quickly rushed into the top ten of the hot search list within a few hours and won more than 300 million. With the platform exposure, B.Duck won the “Peace Elite” Best Partner of the Year award. Since then, B.Duck has cooperated with NetEase’s non-confrontational competitive game “Fifth Personality” to link online and offline to create a variety of novel and interesting gameplay, which makes players hooked.

B.Duck little yellow duck

New trend brand B.Duck

B.Duck and the public welfare 2

The B.Duck×GoFun trunk library was jointly built by B.Duck and GoFun. It repaired a love library for the children in Dali, so that the children can have a learning space environment, and B.Duck founded The person “Duck Duck” Xu Xialin, volunteers and students together created a painting wall and placed books. The significance of this public welfare activity is to encourage children in the village to go out and use the knowledge they have learned to feed back their hometown.

The reason why B.Duck is enthusiastic about public welfare is that it hopes to use its brand influence to carry out more social practices. These social practices are likely to affect our living environment and our earth. B.Duck teamed up with the world-renowned youth interest practice platform Hedgehog Experience to hold the “B.Duck Little Yellow Duck × Hedgehog Experience” Bali Sea Turtle Protection International Volunteer Action.

“Duck Dad” Xu Xialin went to Bali with his family and international volunteers to participate in a series of environmental protection actions to save sea turtles. They experienced the process of saving sea turtles and purified the living environment of sea turtles through their own efforts. More tourists participate in the action of purifying the marine environment and protecting sea turtles.

Through this activity, B.Duck and international volunteers obtained the “NGO International Volunteer Certificate“. Protecting nature requires unremitting efforts from generation to generation. As “Duck Dad” Xu Xialin said: “The earth is changing day by day, we may not be able to do a lot, but we can pass on the information to the next generation, so that more people can work together. To focus on how to protect sea turtles, how to protect our planet.”

In the future, B.Duck will always play the role of public welfare practitioners, condense the meager strength of each of us into huge energy, and use practical actions to shine the brand’s love and care to every corner that needs it. Doing public welfare is a social responsibility. We hope that more caring people and volunteers will join in and share love with B.Duck.


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