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B.Duck and the public welfare 2

The B.Duck×GoFun trunk library was jointly built by B.Duck and GoFun. It repaired a love library for the children in Dali, so that the children can have a learning space environment, and B.Duck founded The person “Duck Duck” Xu Xialin, volunteers and students together created a painting wall and placed books. The significance of this public welfare activity is to encourage children in the village to go out and use the knowledge they have learned to feed back their hometown.

The reason why B.Duck is enthusiastic about public welfare is that it hopes to use its brand influence to carry out more social practices. These social practices are likely to affect our living environment and our earth. B.Duck teamed up with the world-renowned youth interest practice platform Hedgehog Experience to hold the “B.Duck Little Yellow Duck × Hedgehog Experience” Bali Sea Turtle Protection International Volunteer Action.

“Duck Dad” Xu Xialin went to Bali with his family and international volunteers to participate in a series of environmental protection actions to save sea turtles. They experienced the process of saving sea turtles and purified the living environment of sea turtles through their own efforts. More tourists participate in the action of purifying the marine environment and protecting sea turtles.

Through this activity, B.Duck and international volunteers obtained the “NGO International Volunteer Certificate“. Protecting nature requires unremitting efforts from generation to generation. As “Duck Dad” Xu Xialin said: “The earth is changing day by day, we may not be able to do a lot, but we can pass on the information to the next generation, so that more people can work together. To focus on how to protect sea turtles, how to protect our planet.”

In the future, B.Duck will always play the role of public welfare practitioners, condense the meager strength of each of us into huge energy, and use practical actions to shine the brand’s love and care to every corner that needs it. Doing public welfare is a social responsibility. We hope that more caring people and volunteers will join in and share love with B.Duck.


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