New trend brand B.Duck

little yellow duck B.Duck-Be Playful

little yellow duck B.Duck

The little yellow duck B.Duck was born in 2005 and is the main brand of Semk Products Ltd, a famous product design company in Hong Kong. B.Duck has a pair of twinkling eyes, fleshy lips, a big belly and slightly raised hair tips. He is kind-hearted, sunny, and likes traveling and trendy things. A positive and optimistic image can always bring joy to everyone, representing a spirit of “Be Playful“, that is, fashion, happiness, playfulness and innovation, and likes to share happiness and fun with everyone!

little yellow duck B.Duck

There is an excellent design team behind B.Duck, which strives for excellence in design, combining the aesthetics of design with the commercial and consumer aspects of the product, and also supports B.Duck to output a steady stream of creative wallpapers and photos every week.

B.Duck has a mature supply chain of its own brand products, which is B.Duck’s unique strong advantage in IP brands. From product design, production, logistics, warehouse product experience storage to product sales, he has rich practical experience.

The high-quality design team and product experience have enabled us to have more than 200 licensees at home and abroad. So far, we have carried out more than 100 international brand cooperation projects and authorized products with as many as 3,000 SKUs. Through the cooperation of multiple projects, Duck has formed a complete authorization system from scheme design to final implementation, and has accumulated rich experience in event operation.

On December 22, 2018, Zhou Dongyu’s first independent personal IP “Little Yellow DuckDong Duck was born! Dong Duck is China’s first personalized celebrity brand IP for young people. DO WHAT YOU WANT is the core concept that the brand wants to convey. Encourage young people to recognize themselves anywhere and at any time, encourage young people to recognize themselves anywhere and at any time.

In a short period of time, Dong Duck has designed and produced 50+ themed peripheral products, covering furniture, digital 3C, clothing, clothing accessories and other categories. New products are still being planned and produced one after another. Rich peripheral experience is one of the biggest features of the Dong Duck brand.

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